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Fire resistant glass frame system

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Update time : 2023-02-20 14:00:00

Fire resistant glass frame system is mainly composed of fireproof glass, fireproof frame and fireproof sealing materials. It is a non-load-bearing system that meets the requirements of fire integrity or heat insulation in a certain period of time, including fireproof glass curtain wall, fireproof glass doors and Windows, fire resistant glass non-load-bearing partition, fireproof glass hanging wall, etc.

Different frame systems have different effects on the fire resistance of fire resistant glass. Pure aluminum material is of low strength and cannot bear the load. High strength aluminum alloy can be made by adding a certain amount of Mg, Mn, Si and other elements to pure aluminum. Aluminum alloy cabinet structure is non-body under fire load, with the increase of temperature, its strength gradually decreases when the temperature exceeds 250℃, its strength drops sharply to half of the original, about 370℃ tensile strength is almost all lost and aluminum alloy melting point is low (600℃-700 ℃), under the action of fire load frame system will very much melt, collapse. And that can cause fires to spread. Therefore, aluminum profile can not be used as fire resistant structure, only suitable for fire partition, doors and Windows with fire resistance grade requirements below 30min. Fire resistance grade above 30min usually selects heat-resistant steel profile with high temperature oxidation resistance. Steel profile is a kind of "light and high strength" building material, which is an ideal fire resistant structure.
The fire resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic frame is a non-load-bearing structure, which is quite different from the main load-bearing steel structure. Practice has proved that it can still be fire-resistant for 180 minutes without the protection of fire-resistant coating on the surface and slightly deformed at 1200 ℃ high temperature, but it remains intact. As a load-bearing steel structure, in the event of a fire, due to the rapid loss of strength due to high temperature, it is necessary to add concrete or fireproof coatings to the surface for protection.

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