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Frame design of fire resistant glass system

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Update time : 2023-02-20 16:00:00

The ideal frame design is the key to realize the fire resistance of fire resistant glass system, and the reasonable selection of fireproof sealing materials in the design is the guarantee of fireproof glass system. According to the relevant data statistics, in the fire due to fog poisoning, asphyxiation and death of people occupy a high proportion, so in the fire prevention system sealed is a very important link.

Fire resistant glass in the installation, in addition to the steel frame structure, but also need fireproof pad, fireproof expansion sealing strip, fireproof sealant, door and window seals and other auxiliary materials, such materials should be non-combustible or non-combustible materials, its performance should meet the provisions of the current national standards. The refractory pad can be made of calcium silicate or aluminum silicate based noncombustible material, installed in the bottom steel frame of the fire resistant glass to separate glass and steel members, support glass and prevent the steel members from conducting heat quickly, the glass side of the local overheating and cracking situation.
The fireproof expansion seal is generally based on the expansion mechanism of expandable graphite. When the fire is about 200℃, it can be rapidly expanded in three dimensions, forming a stable fire insulation layer and playing the role of fire prevention. Fireproof sealant is generally a single component neutral silicone adhesive, mainly used for joint sealing, and beautify the appearance. In the standard fire test, if the back fire surface fire adhesive fire, will directly lead to the test failure. Installation, fire resistant glass and frame shall not be in direct contact, the glass around and the bottom of the frame groove should maintain a certain gap, the lower part of each glass should be placed at least two elastic refractory pad, hot pad should be able to withstand the partition of the glass weight load.

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