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Glass curtain wall causes common quality problems

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Update time : 2023-01-16 11:00:00

When the glass curtain wall embedded parts size is different; The embedment position is not accurate; Poor welding quality; Anticorrosive paint; The rear embedded parts are anchored by steel plate and expansion bolt with different anchoring lengths and large demand.

The reasons for these phenomena are that the production and installation of embedded parts are not checked and accepted, the construction quality management of curtain wall embedded parts is confused, and the construction is not carried out according to the design drawing and acceptance specification. The process is not inspected and accepted.

This construction enterprise should standardize the processing and production of embedded parts and embedded positioning work, strengthen the inspection of welding parts, do not leak welding, full weld, weld quality to meet the requirements of the code; For the case of missing embedded parts, chemical anchoring should be adopted, and drawing test should be done. Instead of using expansion bolt anchoring as a remedial measure, Hangzhou test should be done to determine the anchoring strength and anchoring quantity.

When the connection of the glass curtain wall column has no gap or the gap is too small. The reason for this phenomenon is that the operator has no experience, no technical disclosure before operation, and the process has not been inspected and accepted.

Strengthen the technical disclosure work, strict process inspection and acceptance, curtain wall column need to set expansion joints, the gap between the joints should not be less than 10mm, and the core tube and the column should be made of elliptic hole movable connection, in order to ensure the freedom of expansion of aluminum alloy column, meet the temperature deformation requirements.

When the glass curtain wall aluminum alloy column and connecting pieces, between the column and the beam is not set gasket phenomenon. The reason for this phenomenon is that the construction is not in accordance with the design requirements and acceptance specifications, the process acceptance is not strict or without the process acceptance, no technical disclosure, poor quality awareness of the operator.
Strengthen the quality education of team operators, implement the quality responsibility system, make technical disclosure, and strictly implement the inspection and acceptance of the three-inspection system in process construction. Set gasket: a heat-resistant hard organic material gasket should be set between the aluminum alloy and the connecting iron to isolate. Rubber gaskets should be added between the curtain wall column and the beam.

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