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Glass curtain wall detection content and late maintenance

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Update time : 2022-10-25 14:00:00

The four properties of glass curtain wall testing refers to wind pressure deformation performance, air permeability performance, rainwater permeability performance and in-plane deformation performance.

Wind pressure resistance test of glass curtain wall: it refers to the ability of curtain wall to maintain normal function without any damage under the action of vertical wind load.

Air tightness test of glass curtain wall: it refers to the performance of preventing air from passing through the curtain wall when the open part is closed under the action of wind pressure.

Glass curtain wall watertight performance test: the watertight relationship to the curtain wall function and life, and the importance of the building, the use of the function and the location of the climate conditions, 10 minutes average wind pressure as the basis for grading.

Glass curtain wall in-plane deformation performance detection: it is due to the building by wind load or earthquake action, the relative displacement of each layer of the building, the resulting deformation.

Later in the glass curtain wall maintenance maintenance above should pay more attention to.

1. According to the specific conditions of the curtain wall, clean the curtain wall regularly to maintain the appearance of the curtain wall. When cleaning, make sure that the cleaning equipment does not scratch the wall of the curtain wall.

2. If the glass structural adhesive fails, it should be dealt with immediately, repaired or replaced.

3. If there is a crack on the glass, it should be strengthened and replaced in time, and all the glass should be thoroughly checked to ensure safety.

4. When there is a severe natural disaster, such as typhoon, earthquake, fire, etc., it will have a certain impact on the glass. After the disaster, the curtain wall must be checked in all aspects to ensure that the curtain wall can continue to be used safely.

5. The curtain wall should also be inspected regularly under normal use to prevent safety accidents.

6. When maintaining and repairing the glass curtain wall, we should also consider all aspects of the situation. It is suitable for choosing sunny days with small wind, and maintenance and repair when the weather is bad will only backfire.

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