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Glass curtain wall installation measures

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Update time : 2023-01-16 16:00:00

In recent years, with the continuous development of urban construction, many urban buildings will adopt the glass curtain wall construction method, and the good architectural effect of glass curtain wall has been recognized by the general public. Then there are several ways to install semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall:

The first installation method: the glass is pasted on the glass frame with the installation groove on the two vertical edges, and the vertical edge of the glass frame is fixed on the vertical rod of the aluminum alloy frame grid system with a fixed piece; The upper and lower transverse edges of the glass are fixed in the inlaid groove of the aluminum alloy frame groove beam. The bonding of glass and glass frame vertical edge is completed by processing and gluing in a special workshop in the factory. The material surface is clean and the bonding quality is good. The glass frame is shipped to the site after the structural adhesive is completely cured, and the bonding quality is guaranteed.

The second installation method: the coated glass is first fixed in the inlay slots of the top and bottom aluminum alloy profiles, forming a glue slot on the surface of the glass and the vertical rod, and then the structural glue is filled with the glue slot on the site, forming the vertical structural glue glass assembly system. This production method is due to on-site gluing, material surface clean and dry, the degree of environmental cleaning when gluing is difficult to be fully guaranteed, and often in the structural adhesive is not cured before the wind load, affecting the bonding strength. Generally limited to buildings and aluminum alloy frame system without installation gap between the building, unless last resort, should not be used.

Another installation method of semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall is to add a press plate to the horizontal or vertical side of the glass curtain wall of the full hidden frame to form the semi-hidden frame curtain wall of the horizontal or vertical side. That is to say, fully hidden frame glass curtain wall made half hidden frame effect. This platen is not only a horizontal or vertical decorative line, but also a second fixed glass, a sense of security is enhanced, but also can change the shape and color of the platen to increase the pattern color.

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