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Glass curtain wall shading form design

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Update time : 2022-10-25 16:00:00

On the form of glass curtain wall design, there are the following design methods:

(1) Horizontal shading adopts the form of stretching out overlapping plate in front of the glass, which can effectively block the sunlight projected from the top of the glass curtain wall when the sun's height Angle is large. Therefore, it is suitable for the south-facing glass curtain wall buildings.

(2) Vertical shading Vertical shading set in front of the glass convex plate, can effectively block the Angle of small, oblique from the glass window into the sun. But for the larger Angle, from the glass window above the sunlight, or close to the sunrise, the sun has no time to shoot flat, it does not block the effect. Therefore, vertical shading is mainly suitable for glass curtain wall buildings near northeast, north and northwest.

(3) Comprehensive sunshade Comprehensive sunshade can effectively block the height Angle of the medium, from the glass window down the sunlight. The shading effect is relatively uniform, so it is suitable for southeast or southwest facing glass curtain wall buildings.

(4) Baffle shading This form of shading can effectively block the sunlight of the window with small height Angle. Therefore, it is mainly used for the east-west glass curtain wall building. The shading system has different effects on indoor lighting, ventilation and winter sunshine. Present a sunshade, lighting system, it USES the visor and guide plate combination of lighting system, form is commonly installed in building glass curtain wall or the window department level shading, its function besides can block the sun point-blank sunlight directly, but also indirectly using the visor design will reflect sunlight to the ceiling, then through the ceiling will import the indoor natural light is deep.

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