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Glass curtain wall window form

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Update time : 2023-01-19 11:00:00

The windowing form of glass curtain wall is generally used in the upper hanging window mode. One is the hook type curtain wall, and the frame and fan are realized by the hook of profiles. The other uses stainless steel four-link hinges. Although the casement window is superior to the push-pull window in performance, the push-pull window is superior to the casement window in production and use. So casement Windows will be mostly used in urban attic, office buildings, high-grade residential, villa and other high-grade buildings, and push-pull Windows are widely used in industrial plants, residential buildings and other low-grade buildings.

The hanging window under the glass curtain wall is the main opening form of the glass curtain wall window. The architectural form of the glass curtain wall is mostly used in public buildings, where the window setting position is generally high and there are a lot of Windows, so the automatic window opening system is often used to solve the window opening problem of the glass curtain wall window. There are many types of hanging window devices under glass curtain wall, mainly chain type electric window device, push rod type electric window device, rack type electric window device can be applied to hanging window window device under glass curtain wall, glass curtain wall automatic window system uses a variety of electric window devices, select the corresponding electric window device according to different requirements.

There are many kinds of curtain wall opening Windows, so from the opening form, it can be divided into external push opening window, internal opening window, internal opening window, internal opening window, external opening and hanging opening window. The performance difference of different opening Windows is relatively large. Most of the outer opening window glass of the curtain wall is glued to the profile of the opening frame through the structural adhesive, and the lower end has the support plate bearing the weight of the glass.
At present, the opening window of most glass curtain wall projects uses the way of external opening and overhanging. The basic structure of the outer hanging window is to use aluminum alloy profiles to open the window frame and open the window sash, through the special hardware to solve the rotation, locking, support and other functions, through the sealing rubber strip to achieve the seal of open window closed state.

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