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Hanging ribbed glass point glass curtain wall installation

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Update time : 2023-01-13 16:00:00

Every step of the installation of hanging ribbed glass point glass curtain wall should be accurate, and different steps need to pay attention to key points.

1. String lofting should be accurate.

In the construction and installation stage, due to the high space height of the building hollow structure and the characteristics of arc layout, the installation of curtain wall system also has certain technical difficulties. From the installation of the lifting clamp system to the three-dimensional positioning of the jaw, and then to the installation of the glass, the construction precision must be strictly controlled in each link.

2. Installation of lifting clamp system.

The hanging clip installation includes the upper hanging clip of ribbed glass and face glass. The connection between the hanging clip and glass should be elastic, and shadowless glue should be injected on the glass. The hanging clip is a three-dimensional adjustable movable pendant, which brings a certain activity space for the glass installation and positioning.

3. Ribbed glass installation.

Due to the characteristics of full glass ribbed point glass curtain wall, the installation of the system of stainless steel point jaws must be carried out at the same time as the installation of ribbed glass. Before the installation of ribbed glass, check the quality of ribbed glass again, especially pay attention to whether there is crack and edge collapse of ribbed glass, check whether the position of hanging clip copper sheet is correct.

4. Surface glass installation.

The surface of the glass installation according to the trial installation, not according to the conventional installation from the bottom up, the use of electric suction cup machine will rise to the glass slightly above the center of the glass, so that the glass after lifting will not tilt left and right, will not rotate, so as to facilitate the fixed installation of stainless steel point claw system and positioning correction, so as to ensure the stability of the glass curtain wall.

5. Apply glue.

After the installation of the glass system, the high strength structural glue is used for flexible connection between the rib glass and the curtain wall glass. All the sundries on the glass surface must be removed when the glue is injected, and because of the particularity of the glue seal, the glue injection should be carried out by 3 people from top to bottom at the same time, and the internal and external glue gun nozzle to mouth construction, to ensure that there is no bubbling, cavity and other phenomena.
The above is the specific steps of the installation of hanging rib-glass point glass curtain wall. In the installation, each operation is executed accurately to ensure the quality after installation.

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