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Heat bending glass cleaning method and processing equipment

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Update time : 2023-01-29 14:00:00

When cleaning heat bending glass processing, first check the operation site to determine the operation plan. Focus on checking the condition of the roof to determine whether the hanging basket and hanging plate can be installed, and the hanging basket and hanging plate can move on the roof without obstacles; Neon lights, signs are not hinder the operation.

Then install the vehicle. If the window cleaner is installed in the building, conduct pre-operation inspection according to the specifications. Choose the fixed point to tie the work rope and safety rope firmly, put the rope down the eave to the downstairs, and use the carpet mat to pad the joint of the rope and the eave.

Heat bending glass processing personnel need to carry tools for hanging baskets or hanging plates. Some tools should be tied to the hanging baskets or hanging plates to prevent them from falling down accidentally and injuring pedestrians. Install safety rope on the ground, or place safety warning.

Cleaning of hot bent glass works from top to bottom. After each row is wiped, arrange the tools, add the cleaning agent, and move the hanging plate or basket horizontally before moving on to the next row.

The working principle of the heat bending glass processing equipment is: the mold is set up, the glass is placed, the temperature is properly heated to a certain temperature, and when the glass is bent well, the temperature is evenly cooled, which is a complete heat bending glass product.
The equipment is divided into: upper area heating part, lower area forming part, electric lifting part and loading area four parts. The furnace body (heating area) is made of steel structure, and the furnace uses high-grade thermal insulation cotton bonded with fiberboard to form double protection. Control area: intelligent module control system, with PID control function. There is also a junction box with additional heat pipe for bending difficult glass. The mould is made of ordinary steel, which has the effect of fast transformation, low cost and high efficiency.

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