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Hollow glass part of the production line use essentials

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Update time : 2023-02-01 14:00:00

In the daily use of hollow glass production line, regular and irregular inspection and maintenance should be often carried out according to the different use conditions. According to the different processing of insulating glass, some details can be adjusted to better cooperate with the production. The whole production line is related to the adjustment of water temperature, water pressure, air volume and other parts. The following introduces some essentials and relevant skills of hollow glass production line.

Water temperature part. When the glass is dirty or the ambient temperature is low, the cleaning water can be heated to achieve a better cleaning effect. Temperature controller adjustment method is: rotate the temperature controller adjustment knob clockwise, so that its pointer refers to the required heating temperature, generally heating to 30 degrees ~50 degrees.

Outlet air volume part. After use for a period of time, dust gathers in the fan filter net, blocking the air inlet of the net and reducing the air volume, which needs to be cleaned up. Cleaning method: Remove the filter, backwash with high pressure air pipe, and then rinse in clean water and dry.

Water pressure part. After a period of use, due to the impurities gathered in the filtration system, the water pressure will drop, must often backwash, cleaning the filtration system. The filter is composed of automatic quartz filter and precision security filter. Automatic quartz filter cleaning, recoil method has automatic cleaning, semi-automatic cleaning, manual cleaning three kinds. Automatic cleaning access to the power supply and water, close the outlet, adjust the date, time and set the required recoil date, then reach the set time will automatically recoil, clean. Semi-automatic cleaning access to the power supply and water, close the outlet, counterclockwise slowly turn the recoil action knob "start/prepare", automatic recoil. For manual cleaning, access the water, close the outlet, turn the recoil action slowly counterclockwise turn the recoil action knob to "Start/Prepare", recoil, clean, run, 15 to 30 minutes per step.

The above is the key to the use of hollow glass production line. Only by mastering production skills can we better produce insulating glass and avoid wasting materials and funds.

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