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Hollow glass process equipment

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Update time : 2023-02-28 11:00:00

The equipment requirements of deep processing grinding and washing section of hollow glass are carried out in the way of production line. For each grinding line, two two-way grinding plus one horizontal cleaning machine or four vertical linear grinding machines plus one vertical cleaning machine. The hole punching machine or water cutting machine should be in parallel with the horizontal cleaning machine of two-way grinding.

The information port of the edging machine should be added before the equipment purchase. The first is the opening and closing data of the two sides of the grinding machine, the measurement data of the two sides behind the straight edging machine, and the induction switch, LCD screen and computer at the exit of the cleaner. The information here is for the inspection and quantity correction of the data of the cut piece.

Computer equipment: Each edging production line is equipped with two computers and a printer plus a wired bar code collector (printing customer labels for toughening or hollow use, labels can be printed in the order of falling after edging cleaning).

The function of the computer: the front desk computer is the first and the acceptance and start of the upper section, the appearance of the production mission organization status of the shift, the computer is the first and the next section of the replacement, shelf number input, mesh, printing (general label), attendance, dining calculation.

According to its use, energy saving hollow glass sealant can be divided into silicone structural sealant and silicone weather resistant sealant

Silicone structural sealant:

Usage: Mainly used for structural bonding of glass and aluminum auxiliary frame, and also used for secondary sealing of hollow glass of curtain wall of hidden frame.

Characteristics: Bear wind load, gravity load, high requirements for strength, aging resistance, elasticity has certain requirements.

Silicone weather resistant sealant:

Purpose: Joint sealing, to ensure the hollow glass air tightness, water tightness and other properties.
Features: need to withstand larger joint width changes, elasticity (displacement capacity), aging resistance requirements, does not require strength, high modulus, low modulus can be.

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