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Hot bending hollow glass processing

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Update time : 2023-01-28 18:00:00

Thermal bending hollow glass is a kind of new building material with good heat insulation and sound insulation performance, beautiful and applicable, and can reduce the weight of the building, and the use of high strength and high air tightness composite binder. Thermal bending hollow glass processing is the glass sheet and the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant bond, made of high efficiency sound insulation glass.

There is a certain cavity between the glass and the glass of the hollow glass. The glass frame is filled with desiccant to ensure the dryness of the air between the glass sheets. The spacing between the two layers of hollow glass is generally 8mm. Tests have shown that if the 8mm spacing is completely vacuum, atmospheric pressure will crush the glass. And qualified insulating glass, its interlayer is also 8mm thick spacing space, but must be filled with inert gases argon and krypton, which means better insulation performance.

Thermal bending hollow glass product characteristics:

1. Heat bending hollow glass has the property of energy saving: the K value (heat conduction coefficient) of insulating glass is lower than that of single-layer glass (K value of ordinary insulating glass is 3.0 while that of single-layer glass is 5.8). Therefore, whether air conditioning or heating is used, the use of hollow glass can greatly reduce energy consumption.

2. Heat bending hollow glass has sound insulation: the unique structure of insulating glass can reduce the indoor RW-86 dB to indoor RW-45 dB; Single - layer glass has no obvious effect.
3. Thermal bending hollow glass has safety: because of the double-layer glass structure, high wind resistance and external impact force, high-rise or coastal buildings and trains, ships using insulating glass is the most suitable.

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