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How good is laminated glass for flooring

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Update time : 2023-02-02 16:00:00

The raw material of laminated glass floor is tempered glass, which has strong stability and impact resistance and will not be fragile like ordinary glass. Compared with the floor of other materials, laminated glass floor is not only novel and beautiful, fashion and environmental protection, but also has the irreplaceable advantages of other materials in home decoration. Laminated glass has a good light transmission, installed in the window, can increase the lighting of the room, so that natural light filled the whole room. At the same time, laminated glass as the floor, can increase the sense of space in the room to a certain extent, so that the room looks more spacious and bright. For home decoration, laminated glass floor can be well integrated into different styles of living rooms, create a sense of hanging, more to meet the needs of users.

We can also add some favorite decoration elements under the laminated glass floor. For example, the laminated glass floor can be made of blue sea water, green simulation plants, colorful pebbles and so on, which can let us have more natural and beautiful scenery in the room and have a more relaxed mood. More can create a variety of environmental characteristics, so that the user's choice is more diverse.

Laminated glass floor can be recycled many times, very environmental protection, and easy to clean, directly with water.
Specifications of laminated glass floor: length and width 600*600, frame thickness 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, a single laminated glass floor can bear more than 1 ton, respectively integrated with the anti-static steel floor and composite floor, no need to change the support, just take out the original floor to replace the glass floor.

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