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How is hollow glass made

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Update time : 2023-02-27 11:00:00

With the development of glass processing industry and the deepening of people's understanding of the advantages and properties of hollow glass, the application range of insulating glass is also expanding. In addition to widely used in glass curtain walls, cars, aircraft and so on. This is mainly because the application of insulating glass can improve the heat insulation and sound insulation effect of the building, and simplify the structural design of ventilation and insulation facilities such as air conditioning, which not only reduces the cost of building decoration but also actually increases the effective practical space in the building.

The application range of hollow glass is expanding, and the quality requirements of insulating glass are getting higher and higher. The following will briefly analyze the basic processing technology of insulating glass.

1. Glass cutting material: the original glass is generally colorless float glass or other colored glass, sunshade glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, the thickness is generally 3mm ~ 12mm. The glass can be cut by hand or by machine, but it must meet the size requirements. In the operation process of this process, workers should always pay attention to the glass surface should not have scratches, internal quality is uniform, there should be no bubble, slag and other obvious defects.
2. Glass cleaning and drying of hollow glass: glass cleaning needs to be cleaned by machine, because manual cleaning cannot guarantee the cleaning quality. Before cleaning, it is necessary to check the glass for scratches. In order to ensure the adhesion between sealant and glass, it is best to use deionized water. In addition, in order to ensure water circulation and save water resources, water can be filtered to ensure long-term use. After glass cleaning, light inspection should be carried out to check whether the glass surface has water droplets, water stains and other stains. If there are water droplets, water stains and other stains, to adjust the running speed of the machine, heating temperature, air volume, brush clearance, until the effect is complete. After cleaning the glass, it should be assembled into hollow glass within 1 hour. In addition, make sure there are no friction and scratches between the glass. There is a semi-finished glass storage cart to separate the glass fragments from each other.

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