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How to buy bulletproof glass

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Update time : 2022-11-16 10:00:00

Bulletproof glass has a defensive three-layer structure. When there is an accidental attack or accidental explosion, high-strength bulletproof glass can keep the glass from being penetrated under the condition that the blast wave load increases several times or even tens of times. It can greatly reduce the high energy load generated by the blast wave and the damage caused by the glass fragments flying at high speed, and reduce the maintenance cost of the surrounding public facilities.

The RET value of bulletproof glass can reach 1. Compared with the single piece of glass, such as float glass and toughened glass, the RET value quickly drops below 0.3 when the glass is critically broken, and the glass fragments splash everywhere, causing harm to people and objects around.

Bullet-proof glass has high quality bullet-proof ability, anti-penetration ability makes it widely used in all walks of life, bullet-proof glass demand is also increasing, bullet-proof glass on the market brand, price, bullet-proof level are not the same, so how to buy bullet-proof glass? Here are some methods:

1. Clear the bullet-proof grade of bullet-proof glass to purchase. Bulletproof glass is laminated glass, the middle layer mainly uses PVB film, SGP film, film quality and thickness can make bulletproof glass produce different bulletproof grades. The grade of bulletproof glass required in the clear project is good to purchase.

2. Check whether the manufacturer has the type test report. Bulletproof glass belongs to safety glass, qualified bulletproof glass must be tested in the national designated glass quality testing center, and only after meeting the standards will the type test report be issued. The report is a strong proof of the manufacturer's products, do not buy bulletproof glass products without inspection report manufacturers.
3. When signing the contract, check whether the information is complete. When signing the contract, in addition to the contract document itself, the qualified manufacturer will usually attach an insurance policy and present the factory certificate when taking delivery.

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