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How to improve the quality control of float glass

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Update time : 2022-12-28 14:00:00

Improve the testing level of float glass raw materials and mixed materials In order to comprehensively control the quality of raw materials into the factory and ensure the stability of production, the key of quality control technology is to have appropriate technology and testing means, in order to achieve the above stable production and product quality monitoring.

1. X-ray fluorescence spectrometer can be used for rapid quantitative analysis of the composition of each raw material, compound and finished glass of float glass.

2. It is a technology in on-line neutron water measurement, capacitance water measurement, infrared water measurement and microwave water measurement system. By connecting with electronic weighing system, water content measurement and density compensation of main raw materials can be realized, so that the composition of the compound is accurate and stable.

3. In the determination of raw material particle size should be used in line with the national standard screen and advanced technology inspection and analysis screen, to ensure the accurate measurement of raw material particle size and strict control.

4. COD value of raw material is determined according to the determination principle of COD value of sewage. Fe2+/Fe3+ value is determined by using the different wavelength of absorption spectrum and using a high-resolution spectrophotometer.

5. The temperature of the mixture should be measured regularly in each shift, especially in winter.

The purpose of strengthening quality management is to do a good job in every link, which is the biggest factor to ensure the quality of raw materials and mixed materials. In raw materials and mixed materials quality management to implement three points of technology, seven points of management, quality management in a very important position. By means of technological breakthrough and technological innovation, we will do everything possible to improve the quality of raw materials and mixed materials to a higher level and maximize the production level of float glass.

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