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How to remove laminated glass bubbles

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Update time : 2023-01-09 11:00:00

Dry sandwich, some of the use of float glass, some of the use of tempered glass glued laminated glass, float laminated glass is relatively flat, high production rate, in addition to damage, generally no bubbles, glued layer white and other problems.

However, the strength of ordinary laminated glass is relatively low, and the damage rate in construction is relatively high, and then many decoration companies widely use toughened laminated glass to solve the problem of damage in installation. The strength of this kind of glass is improved, but because of the deformation of tempered glass during quenching, it brings unimaginable difficulties to the production of laminated glass.

Dry hot bending laminated glass is mainly used in automobile front windshield, the previous production process is complex, the cost is too high, preheating and prepressing this section of the process must not be less, the use of silicone strip, preheating and vacuum is very difficult, and the yield is not high, the glass clip, the film and glass fixed, directly into the autoclave, that is to save labor, and reduce the cost, The yield of finished products has also improved.

Treatment process of wet laminated glass bubble:

1. Cause of bubble

A. The quality of chemical raw materials is not up to standard;

B. Unscientific formula and ratio;

C. Due to the unskilled operators in the processing process;

2. New defoaming technology

A. Use genuine chemical raw materials and chemical products produced by manufacturers with quality assurance. The inferior chemical raw material is the factor that cannot be ignored to produce bubble.

B. Strengthen the training of production technicians so that they can truly master the skills in processing technology;

C. If the above points have been noted, and there are bubbles, put the product out of the bubble in the autoclave and pressure it.

All bubbles are removed. The root cause that the wet laminated glass becomes waste due to the steam bubble is solved.

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