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How to set fire resistant glass partition in large space inside the building

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Update time : 2022-11-07 11:00:00

Fire resistant glass partition than fireproof glass door height width size is larger, can replace the non-load-bearing partition wall use, strong permeability, good visibility, safety and fire resistance is guaranteed, a set of many advantages in a body, so it is used in commercial buildings, office buildings, subway stations and other popular fire isolation products.

Fire resistant glass partition installation hole size is different, so specific problem specific analysis:

1. Single fireproof glass partition is adopted for small openings

For the small size of the building hole can use a single fire glass partition, although it is called a single fan, but compared with a single glass fire door size is much larger, can reach 3~4 meters width. Adopt splicing assembly installation mode, good fastness; Surface treatment using no solder joint process, improve the overall partition of beauty and quality sense, decorative effect is good.

2. Fire-proof glass partition with large opening and door are used together

For oversized building openings, a single fire resistant glass partition can not be used. After scientific tests, the combination of partition and glass fireproof doors not only meets the national standards, but also is suitable for use in ultra-wide and ultra-high door openings. Thickness of fireproof glass according to the actual project requirements, single fireproof glass 5~19mm, composite fireproof glass 26~33mm.

Fire resistant glass partition after the detection of professional national institutions usually fire time can reach more than 60 minutes, is commonly used in building fire prevention facilities. Fireproof glass partition life is closely related to its own material, of course, the correct daily maintenance is also one of the factors. After the installation of fireproof glass partition, avoid wiping with strong acid and alkaline cleaning liquid, avoid damaging the glass surface, check the partition regularly, and repair the damaged place in time.

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