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Influence factors of fog degree of atomized dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-11-22 11:00:00

Atomized dimming glass used in modern architecture can add luster to the building, automatic control of transparency, full of sense of science and technology, up to 80% transparency, enhance the vastness of the space. However, dimming glass is not without shortcomings, if you do not understand some of its shortcomings, the installation of the successful but can not achieve the effect.

So, what factors will affect the effect of atomized dimming glass?

1. The influence of lighting on the effect

The light shines on the glass from different angles, and the glass vision fog is different. When the light is far away from the dimming glass, the fog of the glass is smaller visually. When the light shines parallel to the glass and the distance is relatively close, the fog degree of the glass is relatively large.

2. Influence of space size

The size of the space also has an effect on the visual fog of atomized dimming glass. When the space behind the glass is large, the switch is switched to the open state, you can see the clear scenery on the other side through the glass; When the space behind the glass is small and the distance is close, the effect of the glass is actually similar, but the visual sense of fog is larger.

3. The influence of observation angle

The Angle of the observer and the glass also affects the perception of the atomized dimming glass presented to the observer. When people's line of sight and dimming glass vertical, can see the glass without fog, the effect is better; When the eye Angle to the glass is less than 45 degrees or more than 135 degrees, the glass will feel very fuzzy and foggy when the power is on.
The three factors mentioned above are the main reasons that affect the effect of atomized dimming glass. Interior designers and architectural designers can avoid them properly in the space design, in order to achieve high quality design presentation and design solutions to satisfy customers.

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