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Innovation of fire resistant glass door and window inspection method

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Update time : 2022-11-14 11:00:00

In the industry, we know that fire resistant glass is a component that plays an important role in fireproof glass doors and windows. Whether fire resistant glass meets the specifications is directly related to the fire resistance of products. With the strengthening of fire control supervision, the supervision of products included in the scope of product supervision is more strict.

Thickness is an important parameter of fireproof glass and an important factor of detection. Before the invention of the thickness gauge, there was no matching fire resistant glass Windows and doors thickness measurement device, the usual practice is to remove the fire glass above the doors and Windows and measure the thickness with a scale tool. This practice is not only cumbersome operation process, consumes a lot of time, but also causes a waste of resources, but also causes an economic burden to fireproof glass doors and Windows manufacturers.

The invention of the door and window thickness tester does not need to remove the fire window, fire door on the fire glass, just need to be correctly installed on the door and window, read the scale reading can know the accurate thickness of the glass. This operation method is simple, short time, but also convenient for manufacturers to self-check.

Fire resistant glass window thickness tester is mainly composed of support arm, left and right measuring arm, fastening screw and measuring ruler. The left and right ends of the supporting arm are respectively provided with a shaft plate, the shaft plate is perforated with screw holes, and a horizontal blister is used to check whether the supporting arm is placed in balance; The function of the left and right arm chute is to configure and install measurement dimensions.
The invention of the door and window thickness tester not only facilitates the fire inspection part, but also facilitates the manufacturer, saves the material consumption, and does not need to spend a lot of time on the quality inspection, which saves the labor cost and saves the enterprise consumption.

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