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Inspection and maintenance time of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-13 14:00:00

The glass curtain wall also needs to be repaired and maintained after installation, and can not take laissez-faire measures. It will not be managed after installation. In order to make the glass curtain wall life higher, more safe, more need regular detection and maintenance.

1. A comprehensive inspection shall be carried out one year after the completion and acceptance of the glass curtain wall project, and once every five years thereafter.

2. If there is any deformation, dislocation or loosening of the whole glass curtain wall, further inspection should be carried out on the corresponding hidden structure of the part, whether the main load-bearing components, connecting components and connecting bolts of the curtain wall are damaged, whether the connection is reliable, whether there is rust, etc.

3. Glass panel, metal panel and stone are loose and damaged, especially whether there are cracks and defects on the stone surface.

4. Whether the sealant is degummed, cracked, bubbling, pulverizing, and whether the sealing rubber strip is broken off, aging and other damage phenomenon.

5. Whether the opening part can be opened and closed flexibly, whether the hardware accessories are dysfunctional or damaged, and whether the mounting bolts or screws are loose or invalid.

6. Whether the drainage system of the glass curtain wall is smooth or not.

7. A comprehensive pre-tension inspection and adjustment must be carried out six months after the completion and acceptance of the glass curtain wall works of the prestressed pole or cable structure, and thereafter once every three years.

8. After ten years of use of the glass curtain wall project, the adhesive performance of the structural silicone sealant at different parts of the project should be sampled and inspected every three years thereafter.

9. When the curtain wall is attacked by strong winds, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out on the curtain wall in time to repair or replace the damaged components. For the curtain wall engineering of the tension rod or cable structure with pre-tension, a comprehensive pre-tension inspection and adjustment should be carried out.
10. When the glass curtain wall suffers from earthquake, fire and other disasters, professional and technical personnel in Yingshan shall conduct a comprehensive inspection of the curtain wall, and formulate treatment plans in time according to the damage degree.

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