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Inspection of hollow glass processing

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Update time : 2023-01-29 11:00:00

The existence of prestress in the processing of hollow glass reduces its strength against wind pressure and the ability to resist external forces. Aluminum alloy doors and Windows are prone to rupture when external factors change. The desiccant is generally poured into the spacer frame under seal, and the adsorption of water in the atmosphere is carried out through the air vent slot (hole). The larger the air vent slot (hole) is, the faster the water absorption rate of the desiccant will be in the production process, and the more the loss of effective adsorption capacity will be. Therefore, the air vent gap of the insulating glass spacer frame should be as small as possible. As long as we can ensure that the hollow glass has the initial dew point in line with the standard requirements, it is more appropriate.

Hollow glass processing in the production of larger size of glass, the plate press will be two pieces of glass synthetic glass, when the glass reaches the end of the turnover table to stop, the turnover table to the horizontal position, the need for glass out, the control cylinder to make the piston rod out, then the rotary plate around its hinged shaft with the platform to rotate, driving the beam at the same time, The transfer roller installed on the beam is lower than the glass, and the glass can be moved out conveniently. The operation is convenient, the production efficiency is high and the labor intensity is reduced.

The routine inspection of hollow glass processing equipment refers to the measurement and verification of the running condition, technical status, working accuracy and wear degree of parts of insulating glass equipment. By checking, you can discover hidden dangers in time and take measures to rectify faults. According to the inspection, work out the repair plan and make the preparation before repair purposefully, which can improve the repair quality and shorten the repair time.

Routine inspection of hollow glass processing equipment can be divided into daily inspection and regular inspection according to time. Daily inspection is carried out by operators combined with daily maintenance, and regular inspection is carried out according to plan by professional maintenance personnel. Its purpose is to find out the wear condition of parts and components, so as to determine the repair category, repair time and various preparatory work before repair.

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