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Installation requirements for glass curtain wall members

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Update time : 2023-01-09 18:00:00

During the installation of the glass curtain wall, in order to ensure the correct installation of the glass curtain wall and avoid the damage caused by the installation, the specific installation requirements are as follows:

1. The storage, horizontal transportation and lifting process of glass curtain wall accessories should be strictly prevented from collision or other forms of damage, should do a good job of finished product protection, the protective film of profiles and glass should be strengthened protection.

2. The direction of the coated glass surface shall meet the design requirements. Screen corner yard connector.

3. The position of the center line of the pre-installed glass curtain wall connector and the embedded part, the connecting Angle steel and the bolt hole of the upright connection shall meet the following requirements:

(1) Allowable deviation of elevation is ±3mm;

(2) The allowable deviation of the center line of the hole on the Angle steel is 3mm in the left and right direction and ±2mm in the vertical direction;

(3) When the connecting Angle steel meets the above requirements, the vertical installation can be carried out. The vertical elevation and elevation of the vertical elevation and side must meet the specifications and design requirements.

4. In order to prevent burns on profiles and glass coatings, protective measures should be taken during welding. The construction process of steel plate welding is not allowed first to prevent welding sparks from burning the oxide film of the vertical, and this process is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the installation position of the vertical.
It should be noted in particular that the accuracy of the beam installation in the rear process also depends on the accuracy of the erection position of the upright. Therefore, after the erection of the vertical erection, the accuracy of its position, elevation and verticals should be checked, and the construction of the next process can be carried out after the accuracy, so as to avoid the large area of rework and redo, resulting in waste of manpower and material resources and unnecessary losses. In strict accordance with the installation requirements, the completed glass curtain wall is more firm and durable.

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