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Is colored laminated glass safety glass?

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Update time : 2023-02-16 14:00:00

The best is the current market has not seen a lot of colored laminated glass. The advantage of this kind of glass is that the surface looks the same as ordinary glass, but in the event of an accidental impact, the glass fragments will be firmly glued to the film in the glass, and will not break and spill the fragments, let alone pose a threat to human safety.

Safety glass experts point out that colored laminated glass is a complete sense of safety glass. Stained glass partition is color art glass as the main body of the partition, the use of dreamlike color transformation, to create extraordinary artistic effects. Therefore, the selection of stained glass partition, the most important thing is that the tone should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the room. It must be emphasized that when the area of a single piece of glass is too large (such as more than 1 square meter), from the perspective of architecture, there is a relatively large security risk. Therefore, while not affecting the overall effect, the glass should be cut into small pieces as far as possible, or the proportion of the frame should be increased appropriately to reduce the chance of glass collision.
If you can find satisfactory colored laminated glass is also a good choice. Sandblasted cut glass partition its hazy and almost luxurious effect is incomparable to other types of products. Carved and sandblasted glass partition is the most demanding material requirements. The industry pointed out that the glass partition generally requires high strength, excellent safety performance of raw glass to make. Safety glass and color laminated glass can meet its requirements. But when the glass is carved, the strength of the safety glass will be drastically reduced, and even scratches on the surface can have such an effect. These defects come into play when stress increases, most commonly causing glass to crack. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use safety glass to make carved and sandblasted partitions, and other types of glass such as sandwich should be used.

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