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Limitations of smart dimming glass

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Update time : 2022-10-28 11:00:00

The application of electronic control atomization is more and more widely, and almost everyone in the industry knows it, such as architectural decoration, design and glass. Because of the common interaction between market demand and business, dimming glass has developed rapidly, but there are still some limitations in terms of its application scope.

1. Size limitation

The maximum size of single dimming glass can be made is about 2000mm*3500mm. There are original pieces of glass with a width of more than 2 meters, but there is no such large atomized glass. The larger the size of atomized glass, the greater the risk of production and use. Because the liquid crystal in atomized glass does not have adhesion, there is a hidden danger of delamination under excessive pressure, and the transportation, handling and installation of large-size glass are not convenient, so we suggest to make the size smaller as far as possible.

2. Climate and environmental restrictions

The operating temperature of atomized glass is -20 degrees ~60 degrees. Too high or too low temperature will affect the performance of the liquid crystal film. If atomized glass is used outdoors, especially in summer, directly exposed to the sun, the temperature will reach or even exceed 60 degrees, so that the liquid crystal film is inactive. Long-term high temperature or low temperature will cause irreversible damage to atomized glass. Seriously affect the service life. So outdoor and cold areas are not recommended. If necessary, they require special protection and accept their relatively short service life.

3. Installation conditions

Ordinary glass partition, doors and Windows or curtain wall installation does not need electricity, and the installation of atomized glass needs to go through the wire, which is a great test for the builder.

Although there is no problem in the application of partitions, there are still various problems in the application of large-area curtain walls. Especially when it is applied to movable doors and windows, people who have never been in contact with it do not know how to install it. If the wiring is not considered, and the wire is walked outside the aluminum frame, it is neither beautiful nor easy to damage.

Dimming glass is more and more popular in indoor use, and its advantages are obvious. Compared with shutters, it can reduce a lot of maintenance problems, and it is the best choice for high-end customers.

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