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Low-e hollow glass is suitable for installing doors and Windows

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Update time : 2023-02-03 16:00:00

Low-e hollow glass has various advantages such as heat insulation and sound insulation, so it has been widely used in various construction industries and has become an indispensable window and door material today. Insulating glass is actually what we usually call double glass, but it is a double glass after treatment. It is made of two or three pieces of glass with a high strength and high air tightness compound binder. Moreover, aluminum strips with desiccant are added to the hollow glass to make sound insulation and heat insulation glass.

When sealing the hollow glass and aluminum alloy door frame, the sealant should be made particularly meticulous, and it must be uniform and continuous, so that in rainy days, water will not seep in. Use must be to use, resistance to water vapor permeability and resistance to air permeability are strong butyl adhesive. More than 80% of the water vapor permeability resistance tasks of Low-e hollow glass are in this glue. If the seal is not good, hollow glass leakage, do more work glass will fog! So the installation of doors and Windows, businesses to choose, installation master to choose!

When it comes to insulating glass, aluminum strips with desiccant are of great use. Because the aluminum strip can absorb the water vapor inside the hollow glass chamber, to ensure that the hollow glass will not produce water vapor.

Therefore, aluminum bars are added to Low-e insulating glass. However, many businesses will cheat buyers with inferior/fake insulating glass. (there is no aluminum bar in the middle of the glass, and some even if the aluminum bar is added, there is no desiccant.) And inferior hollow glass, because the aluminum bar with a desiccant is not added in the middle. As a result, there are small droplets of water on the surface of the glass, so there will be a phenomenon of glass blur. Before installing doors and Windows, it is necessary to distinguish the difference between hollow glass and fake hollow glass.

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