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Maintenance measures for wired glass

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Update time : 2023-01-11 11:00:00

Because of the characteristics of wired glass, it is difficult to cut arbitrarily in the field, and easy to damage the edge of the glass. Therefore, in the design and ordering should be strictly set specifications, the best choice before contact with the factory.

Due to the glass with steel wire, in its edge construction should pay attention to protection, can not be exposed to the wire. In the fixed frame to keep dry so as not to absorb moisture wire, forming rust cracks, resulting in glass spalling (especially in the high cold area to prevent freezing cracks). In the lower part of the frame steel wire must be coated with anticorrosive paint, the gap between the frame body and the glass should be reserved, the drainage hole, so as not to have water soaking steel wire parts.

Due to the large difference in thermal properties of wire mesh and glass, wired glass should be avoided as far as possible to be used in large temperature difference between the two sides, local heating and hot and cold, or it is easy to lead to glass breakage.

The size of the window frame should be appropriate to install wired glass to avoid glass compression. If the wood window frame should be prevented from deformation over time, so that the glass force; If steel window frames are used, the temperature changes of the window frames should be prevented from passing rapidly to the glass. It is best to keep the glass away from the window frame and use padding such as plastic or rubber as a cushioning material.
The wired glass inlaid in the window frame fan in use l ~ 2 years later, sometimes there will be a bottom-up curved crack, this phenomenon is called "rust crack". The reason is that there are metal wires exposed on the cutting edge of the wired glass. After it meets water and rusts, the corrosion will extend to the metal inside. The corroded volume of this part of the wire expands and presses on the glass, resulting in cracking. Therefore, suspension installation method should be used as far as possible.

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