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Maintenance of laminated hollow glass partition method

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Update time : 2023-02-15 18:00:00

Whether in the office or home life, laminated hollow glass partition has become a part of it. It not only divides the space, but also has a decorative effect. But the laminated insulating glass partition time is used for a long time, there will be a layer of dust above, if not timely cleaning, will affect the image of the company, so regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary.

In order to make the service life of laminated hollow glass partition longer, in order to let it play an ideal role, in the daily use process, careful cleaning and maintenance is inevitable. For example, when there is dust on it, you can wipe it with a dry rag. If there is not a good deal of oil stains or dirt, you can use a rag dipped in a little water, and then wipe a certain oil stains back and forth. After removal, don't forget to wipe it again with a dry rag, because when the water dries on it, it will have ugly marks, which should be kept in mind.

General laminated hollow glass partition will be combined with wood frame, so when cleaning, wood frame do not use cloth with water, because it will affect its use time. And do not use heavy objects or sharp things, impact the laminated hollow glass partition, avoid shaking the partition, to the safety of people around, pose a threat.
However, office furniture laminated hollow glass partition material, such as wood, aluminum alloy and so on. Different materials, different maintenance methods. For example, aluminum alloy laminated hollow glass partition can be cleaned with neutral detergent, do not use clean toilet hygiene agent, to avoid irreversible damage to the surface. At the same time, laminated insulating glass partition in use, do not let it contact with strong liquid, or chemical objects, once chemical reactions occur, the consequences are quite serious.

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