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Measures to prevent black glass sheet from cracking

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Update time : 2022-10-21 16:00:00

Black glass sheet is the glass with special body coloring treatment, and its color is pure and uniform. As a low-key and outstanding member of the glass family, black glass sheet has always been the choice pursued by designers around the world and good at using. However, due to technical problems, thin sheet black glass below 10mm is difficult to find, while black glass sheet above 10mm is a rare product in the industry. Black glass in a series of reasons, will also produce cracking phenomenon, in the selection of materials, production, installation to make a more accurate choice.

1. Choose the black glass sheet area reasonably. The larger the glass area, the easier it is to crack.

2. Try to use reinforced glass, namely tempered glass and heat-strengthened glass (semi-tempered glass), especially heat-strengthened glass. The strength of tempered glass is 3-5 times that of ordinary annealed glass, which can effectively resist the impact of wind and snow loads and foreign objects, but tempered glass has the problem of self-explosion. Although the strength of heat-enhanced glass is only about half of that of tempered glass, heat-enhanced glass is not prone to self-explosion.

3. When using heat-absorbing glass and heat-reversing glass for the curtain wall facing the sun, the original piece of glass should preferably be heat-treated. Because the glass in this part is prone to thermal cracking after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

4. The original piece of glass curtain wall should be processed in the front of use. The simplest is to sand to the edge. The ideal method is to finely grind the edge to eliminate the micro cracks on the glass edge.

5. Do not leave assembly stress on the glass when installing black glass sheet. Construction shall be carried out according to relevant specifications to minimize glass deformation.

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