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Measures to prevent leakage of glass curtain walls

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Update time : 2022-11-02 11:00:00

Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel architectural wall decoration method, in addition to beautiful and beautiful, glass curtain wall also has other characteristics. Because of the laying of a large area of the building, incorrect design, unreasonable structure, will also cause the occurrence of water leakage. In order to ensure the waterproof of the glass curtain wall and avoid water leakage, the following methods can effectively prevent the leakage of the glass curtain wall.

1. The first consideration when planning the glass curtain wall waterproof device planning structure, applying the principle of constant pressure on the curtain wall aluminum set introduction hole isobaric cavity and special pressure, in this way, such as internal pressure chamber pressure specially introduce hole with external pressure balance, remove the pressure difference to touch the indoor side of the rain, so there's no wind pressure and water have the part of the differential pressure and there is no water, To avoid the use of external water pressure difference into the curtain wall, this is a positive waterproof approach.

2. It is one of the effective water control methods to set up drainage holes on the aluminum profiles of glass curtain wall fittings that flow to the outside to collect and discharge the water that enters the curtain wall through small gaps and drain the small amount of water in the isobaric cavity between the glass, aluminum profiles and aluminum button strips.

3. When planning, we can also consider setting collection pipes and drainage pipes on the glass curtain wall, so that the water entering the cracks into the curtain wall fittings will be collected together and discharged to a specified drainage hole indoors through the drainage pipe smoothly, which is another reliable water control method.

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