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Method of making heat bending glass mould

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Update time : 2022-11-09 11:00:00

With the development of the times, the demand for heat bending glass in building glass and civil life is gradually rising. It is the goal and responsibility of enterprises to follow the market demand and develop consumer goods to meet the needs of consumers. The premise of batch processing of heat bending glass is to make heat bending glass mold. For glass manufacturers, having advanced mold making process can undoubtedly achieve twice the result with half the effort.

So how do you make a heat bending glass mold?

Common heat bending glass processing method: the main part is the main frame bearing flat glass, and the electric heating wire is fixed on the top of the main frame. When glass processing is carried out, the glass is placed between the two. The electric heating wire will be heated locally in the part that needs to be hot-bending. This processing method usually causes warping of the edge part of the hot bent glass, resulting in unqualified products.

So how to improve the mold processing method? On the basis of the common mold processing method (main frame, electric heating wire), the horizontal welding plate is fixed on the middle part of the side of the main frame, the cylindrical top rod is set on the horizontal welding plate, and the connection is made by connecting parts. The connecting parts are used together with the driving device, or the connecting parts can be manually pushed to work. The working mode of this technology: the glass is placed between the gradual and electric heating wire. When the glass is melted and droops naturally, the edge of the glass and the horizontal surface are 90 degrees, and the push rod is moved horizontally to the edge of the glass by manual or electric means, so that the edge is fixed to achieve the role of setting and positioning.

This method is based on the common mold processing method, the main addition of the horizontal welding plate and push rod, a small change can achieve the effect of heat bending glass without warping, improve the overall rate of the product.

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