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Methods for repairing scratches on tempered laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-10 18:00:00

For the tempered laminated glass is more serious scratches, first grind with a large particle size grinding piece, first grind the scratches off, and then use the fine grinding piece in turn for fine grinding, and then polishing with pure wool throwing disc and polishing paste, the repair area after polishing, tempered laminated glass scratches repair end. Local and small scale repair can save cost and time, but the repair effect is not good; If the repair area is spread out, good repair effect can be obtained, but the repair cost and time will be increased.

In the process of scratch repair, due to the continuous friction between the grinding sheet, the disc and the glass, the tempered laminated glass will continue to heat up, so in the process of repair, we should pay close attention to the temperature of the glass in the repair area. If it overheats, it may cause the glass to burst.

Repair steps of toughened laminated glass scratches:

1. After locating the scratch, thoroughly clean the entire surface of the glass with enough water and paper towels, and mark the back of the glass.

2. Combination of criteria for judging the degree of glass scratch and grinding piece repair:

a. Deep scratches: Scratches that are visible and can be felt in the belly of your fingers.

Repair combination: Green, pink, blue, orange grinding pieces can be used for grinding, and finally polishing.

b. Moderate scratches: You can see them, but you can't feel them on your finger belly. You can only feel them with your nail.

Repair combination: Grinding can be done with pink, blue, orange grinding pieces, and finally polishing.

c. Minor scratches: Scratches that are visible but not felt by the fingernail.

Repair combination: Can be used in turn blue, orange grinding pieces for grinding, and finally polishing.

d. Furrow: A scratch that can only be seen at a special Angle but cannot be touched by hand.
Repair combination: Use orange grinding sheet to grind tempered laminated glass, and then polish; Or direct polishing.

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