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Other related factors affecting the quality of optical glass after cleaning

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Update time : 2022-12-07 11:00:00

The treatment glass after polishing the footwall of optical glass has great affinity for water, strong surface hygroscopic property, and the most easy to absorb is water. In particular, the surface of the optical glass just after polishing the foote has unsaturated chemical bonds, which have high activity, easy to absorb water and react with it.

Other factors affecting the quality of optical glass after cleaning and corresponding solutions:

(1) Solution temperature and soaking time also affect the decontamination efficiency.

When the temperature rises, the reaction rate of the solution also rises, and the viscosity of the pollutant decreases, which is convenient for the pollutant to escape. It was found that the solution temperature was 50 degrees, and the cleaning effect was the best after soaking for 30 minutes!

(2) In the cleaning process, it should also be noted that pure water or deionized water must be used. If the hard water side such as tap water is used, it is difficult to remove the oil on the glass, and the impurities such as Ca and Na ions contained in the water will form a layer of white mist film on the glass surface after drying, polluting the glass.

(3) The optical glass needs to be rinsed after cleaning. The cleanliness after rinsing is not only related to the rinsing property of the cleaner and the concentration of the cleaner in the cleaning solution, but also related to the number of rinsing procedures, the amount of water supply for rinsing, the temperature and whether the pure water used in recycling is clean.

(4) The cleanliness of the cleaning environment.

(5) Drying process and temperature after cleaning.

Optical glass should be as far as possible to ensure the vertical, can be placed under the glass ceramic column, avoid after drying the glass along the watermark; The oven temperature should be controlled at about 70 degrees and the time should be about 20 minutes. If the temperature is too high, there will be patterns on the corners of the glass.

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