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Point glass curtain wall and frame glass curtain wall difference

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Update time : 2023-01-11 18:00:00

Glass curtain wall is a common construction method of modern metropolitan buildings. It makes up the whole city and makes the city more green. From the curtain wall construction structure, glass curtain wall can be divided into frame type glass curtain wall, all-glass curtain wall, point type glass curtain wall and unit type glass curtain wall four categories, point type glass curtain wall and frame type glass curtain wall are different in all aspects.

Structural differences: The construction process of point-type glass curtain wall is to use metal connectors to seamlessly connect to the curtain wall glass of the supporting frame after the corner perforation of the face glass. It is a design form of a new type of glass curtain wall that perfectly combines glass with modern architectural structure. The architectural glass curtain wall with frame decoration is basically plane type and the load structure is longitudinal component.

Fixed way difference: The fixed way of glass in the point glass curtain wall is the glass pre-perforated hole and stainless steel claw parts firmly fixed together. The glass fixation of semi-hidden, fully hidden or other types of frame glass curtain wall is to glue the glass to the frame of the curtain wall building with reinforcing glue.

Component processing method difference: The processing of basic metal components required for the installation of point glass curtain wall is factory production and batch completion. It is the completion of glass curtain wall components under the precise and thorough process of stamping machine tools and lathe drilling processing equipment, with fine quality and high precision of installation. The frame glass curtain wall components are processed by motor equipment on site, which are rough in workmanship, low in efficiency and accuracy.
Difference in type, size and size: Point curtain wall glass is usually hollow glass with white tempered, low radiation and certain inhibition effect on urban light pollution, and its glass size is not limited. Frame glass curtain wall is coated reflective glass, the size of the glass is generally small.

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