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Point glass curtain wall component

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Update time : 2023-01-18 11:00:00

In the point-type glass curtain wall system, each glass has a connection form of 4 points, 6 points and 8 points with point-type components. The point glass is connected with the connector through the cavity. Due to the drilling, the stress on the hole side is concentrated and the performance is reduced. Therefore, the point glass building must adopt tempered glass with high tensile strength and safe use.

Buildings in cold climates should use hollow tempered glass, which is sandwiched between two pieces of tempered glass with dry air layer or inert gas layer. Toughened laminated glass is often used in glass buildings with large crowds or high safety requirements such as lighting tops, that is, PVC film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. When the glass is broken, the pieces can still stick together with PVC film to avoid injury and property loss caused by falling glass.

Metal connectors are the key to point glass technology and usually consist of steel and aluminum alloy members. It contains supports and fasteners, also known as claw parts and fasteners. Fasteners are attached to the glass, sunk into the glass, or protruding out of the glass. The support is connected with the fastener, which holds the glass tightly like a claw, and transfers the load closely connected with the structural system of the fastener and the supporting glass to the structure.

The supporting system is to transfer various loads borne by the glass directly to the main structure of the building. Generally, the appropriate structural form can be selected according to the shape of the building and the size of the load. Each structural form has its own variation form, can adapt to different situations of glass curtain wall, roof and other different types of building and its local design requirements.
In point glass curtain wall technology, weatherproof silicone sealant is used between glass and glass, and silicone structural adhesive is used to bond glass and metal. The glue mainly plays a sealing role, so there is no need for strength calculation. But before use must be on the glue and contact material compatibility test, performance testing must be qualified, and in the effective period of use, strictly abide by the operating rules, to ensure the quality of construction.

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