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Precautions for adding spray protection to fire resistant glass

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Update time : 2023-02-23 16:00:00

Many construction units, design units, construction units to understand and use there is misunderstanding. They believe that as long as fire resistant glass is used, it can be used as a fireproof partition, as long as the partition wall made of fireproof glass can meet the fire resistance limit requirements.

Although fire resistant glass has been used for a long time, there are still some problems in practical application and supervision that cannot be ignored. Precautions should be taken when adding spray protection.

Relevant experiments show that the selection of appropriate sprinkler system protection can effectively prolong the single piece of fire resistant glass to lose heat insulation and street radiation point, effectively extend the fire insulation time, to ensure the evacuation of personnel. At present, this design is widely used in the performance design of large commercial pedestrian streets, protected by a single piece of non-insulated fireproof glass and water spraying system. The key to this engineering practice is the water distribution effect of the spray protection, because experiments have shown that once the spray protection of the overall fire resistant glass is lost, it will soon lose its function of smoke and fire protection.
However, there are many problems in the design and construction. For example, some shops on both sides of the commercial pedestrian street use decorative models directly on the fire-resistant glass, which affects the water distribution effect of the nozzle; Some sprinkler heads are installed under decorated brand doors, which affects the heat collection of the sprinkler; Some door heads are installed between fire resistant glass and sprinkler heads, causing shielding; Some construction units do not set a separate spray protection system pipeline, and other spray systems share the same pipeline, resulting in the spray water and duration can not meet the design requirements; Some construction companies use the wrong type of nozzle. In short, in the construction process, should ensure that the sprinkler can effectively and timely protection for the separation of fire glass, this point should be noted.

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