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Precautions for fire protection zone of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-11 14:00:00

In the actual design of glass curtain wall, attention should be paid to the design of fire zone. Fire partition refers to the design of the building plane and space to firewall, fire doors and Windows, fire shutter and a certain fire limit of the floor is divided into a number of areas. The measures to divide fire zones in buildings can effectively control the fire within a certain range, prevent the spread of the fire, reduce fire losses, and provide favorable conditions for safe evacuation and fire fighting. The importance of fire zones has been proven by numerous fire lessons.

Fire protection partition of glass curtain wall can be divided into two categories according to the function of preventing fire from spreading beyond the fire protection partition. One is vertical fire protection partition, which is used to prevent fire spread between layers of multi-storey or high-rise buildings. Vertical fire partition refers to the fire separation of each floor in the vertical direction of the building with good fire resistance of the floor and the wall between Windows (including the wall under the window).

The second is the horizontal fire protection zone, to prevent the fire in the horizontal direction of expansion and spread. Horizontal fire protection zone refers to the fire protection zone that separates each floor in the horizontal direction with fire protection dividers such as firewalls or fire doors and fire protection rolls. It stops the fire from spreading horizontally across the floor. Fireproof zones must be separated by firewalls. If it is really difficult, you can use fire-proof rolling curtain and cooling water curtain or closed sprinkler system, or use fire-proof water curtain separation.

From the point of view of fire prevention, the smaller the partition of glass curtain wall fire protection, the more beneficial to ensure the fire safety of the building. The determination of the size of the fire protection zone should consider the building's use nature, importance, fire risk, building height, fire fighting ability and fire spread speed and other factors.

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