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Precautions for the production and installation of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2022-12-30 10:00:00

Different glass curtain wall installation methods are different, the following mainly introduces the frame support (open frame, hidden frame, half hidden frame) glass curtain wall installation precautions.

Fabrication of frame bearing glass curtain wall members

1. The cleaning work of the glass panel and aluminum frame should be carried out by the "twice cleaning" process before gluing, and the glass panel and aluminum frame should be glued within 1h after cleaning; When it is contaminated again before gluing, it should be cleaned again.

2. The silicone structural sealant must obtain a qualified compatibility test report before gluing.

3. The gluing temperature of glass plate should be between 15 ~ 3C, and the relative humidity should be above 50%. After the plate work is completed, the temperature should be 2C. Clean indoor maintenance with humidity above 50%. The curing time of single component silicone sealant is generally 14 ~ 21d; Two-component silicone structural sealant generally needs 7 ~ 10d.

The frame supports the installation of glass curtain wall

1. Install the column

1) The column and the main structure are connected with each connection position of the force bolts, at least two need to be arranged, the diameter of the bolts should not be less than 10mm.

2) Generally between the contact surface of two different metals, in addition to stainless steel, should be added anti-corrosion isolation flexible gasket, in order to prevent bimetallic corrosion.

2. Install the beam

The beam is generally connected to the column in sections. In order to adapt to thermal expansion and contraction and prevent friction noise, rigid contact should be avoided at the connection between the beam and the column, flexible gaskets can be set up or reserved 1 ~ 2mm gap, gap filled with glue. When the glass curtain wall of hidden frame adopts hook type connection to fix the glass component, the hook contact surface should be equipped with flexible gaskets.

3. Install the glass panel

1) Self-tapping screws shall not be used to fix glass laminates bearing horizontal loads.

2) The glass plates of semi-hidden frame and hidden frame glass curtain wall shall be transported to the site after passing the sampling stripping test and quality inspection.

3) The spacing between fixed points of semi-hidden frame and hidden frame glass curtain wall should not be greater than 300mm, and self-tapping screws should not be used to fix the glass plate.

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