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Precautions for the production of reinforced laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-14 14:00:00

Reinforced laminated glass processing technology: first clean glass stains dust, keep dry. Set up glass and film and combine silicone bags. After the combination of glass placement, the glass around the screen, for example, sack pieces. Good for vacuuming and prevent glass edge from breaking silicone bag. Combine the plastic bag, start the vacuum pump, and cold pump for 1-2 minutes to make the vacuum value above 0.090Mpa. Repropulsion heating box.

Bubbles are generated because the surface flatness of reinforced laminated glass is poor, the thickness of the film is greater than the overlapping deformation scale of two pieces of glass, the film is not completely melted, and the temperature in the box is increased or the holding time is extended. Stop vacuuming too early. Stop vacuuming only when the temperature is below 50 ° C. If the vacuum bag leaks, replace the silicone bag to ensure the operation of the vacuum pump and make the vacuum degree reach 0.090Mpa.

Degumming phenomenon, because processing temperature or holding time is not enough, according to the process requirements. Reinforced laminated glass surface is not clean, clean glass surface dirt. If the film is invalid, ensure that the film is used within the expiration date and is used up as soon as possible after opening.
During operation, attention should be paid to placing the reinforced laminated glass and cutting the film with the blade to prevent the glass edge and blade from cutting the red silicone bag. Often to keep all kinds of consumables and sacks of dry degree, to prevent excessive tide in heating water vapor resulting in bubbles. Before starting the glass each time, the trace water in the vacuum pipe must be discharged clean to reduce the excessive water vapor entering the vacuum pump and the vacuum pump oil mixing as much as possible. The vacuum pump oil must be replaced within half a month from the date of installation. Every few days after that, the mixture of oil and water in the pump will be discharged and precipitated to separate the oil and water. Take good observation and maintenance measures, and then check whether the connection of the pipeline is intact to ensure no air leakage.

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