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Precautions for the use of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-18 14:00:00

In order to make the glass curtain wall can be better used, and increase the number of years of use, in the process of use, or need to pay attention to some matters.

1. Any load other than the design shall not be added to the glass curtain wall.

2. When interior decoration is carried out, the interior decoration grids should be coordinated with the curtain wall components. The main connecting components of the curtain wall should not be damaged, and the connecting components of the curtain wall should not be connected with the curtain wall components.

3. Neon lights, signs and advertisements are not allowed on the glass curtain wall.

4. Corrosive substances shall not be placed around the curtain wall to avoid possible corrosion of curtain wall components.

5. The curtain box shall not be fixed on the glass curtain wall, and the distance between the curtain and the indoor soft decoration and the glass shall not be less than 50mm.

6. Anti-impact facilities of curtain wall shall not be removed.

7. The type and partition of curtain wall shall not be changed at will.

8. Hidden frame glass curtain wall replacement glass should be replaced by the hidden frame glass decoration panel components after the expiry of curing period, and shall not be replaced directly on the glass curtain wall or make structural glue on site.

9. Shading facilities shall not be added to the glass curtain wall at will. Metal piping shall not be installed through glass panels.

10. It is not allowed to remove or change the curtain wall window or increase the opening Angle at will. The doors and Windows should be opened by pushing and pulling gently to prevent deformation and damage of doors and Windows. The opening fan should be opened within the specified opening range. It is not appropriate to use the opening window in rainy days or in the case of wind power above level 4; When the wind is above level 6, all Windows should be closed and opened.

11. When cleaning the room, do not wash with water to avoid water flowing into the fire partition and insulation layer, so that the fire retardant cotton, thermal insulation cotton failure.

12. When the billboard is set up on the roof, the lightning protection system of the curtain wall shall not be damaged.

13. No other facilities shall be installed between the glass curtain wall and the glass ribs, or between the tension-pole point-type glass curtain wall supporting structure.
14. Do not use hard objects to scratch or rub the glass coating surface and metal components painted (coating) surface, damage the surface.

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