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Precautions when using soundproof Windows

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Update time : 2023-02-21 18:00:00

Soundproof Windows can play a very good effect in shielding external noise. They are composed of multiple layers of glass, so they are much heavier than ordinary glass. Great care should be taken during installation to avoid damage. Soundproof Windows have several ways of opening Windows, all need to pay attention to the following is the use of soundproof Windows when precautions.

1. After the installation of soundproof doors and Windows, the protective film on the surface of profiles should be torn off in time, and the surface should be scrubbed clean; Otherwise, a large number of protective film adhesive will remain on the profile, difficult to clean.

2. In windy weather, the soundproof window sashes should be closed in time to avoid window damage.

3. No heavy objects can be hung on the sash handle of flat soundproof Windows.

4. The flat open upper hanging window is opened differently by changing the direction of the switch handle. It is necessary to understand how to operate it so as to avoid damage caused by improper operation.

5. When the push-pull acoustic Windows are in use, the push-pull track should be cleaned regularly to keep it clean, so that there is no hard particle material in the track surface and groove.

6. Plastic steel soundproof doors and Windows are equipped with drainage systems in window frames, sash and other parts to ensure the airtight and watertight performance of sound-proof doors and Windows. Users should not block the drainage holes of sound-proof doors and Windows in the process of use, so as not to cause the drainage performance of doors and Windows to decline.

7. Push and pull acoustic Windows in the push and pull when the force point should be in the middle of the sash or lower position, do not push and pull too hard, so as not to reduce the service life of the sash.

8. The yarn fan of the soundproof window can remove the adhesive strip fixing the yarn net by itself, take down the yarn net, and clean it respectively with water-soluble detergent.
9. When using the yarn fan of the push-pull acoustic window, please pay attention to the coincidence with the vertical frame of the inner rail push-pull fan, which can maintain good sealing.

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