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Problems in the construction of glass curtain wall

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Update time : 2023-01-10 14:00:00

Glass curtain wall has a certain sense of modern and times, and the shape structure of glass curtain wall, tone modeling can be arbitrarily changed, so that architects like to use glass curtain wall to increase the beauty of the building. However, the energy cost of the glass curtain wall in the construction project has also caused problems to a certain extent. Glass curtain walls do not make good use of light resources. In summer, the heat absorbed by the glass curtain wall increases due to the high amount of solar radiation; In winter, because the outdoor temperature is relatively low, the speed of heat dissipation of the glass curtain wall is accelerated. In this way, forced in winter and summer, the use of air conditioning increased, resulting in a large amount of energy consumption.

These problems of glass curtain wall are almost all due to the problem of materials. The main material of glass curtain wall construction is glass material. As the main external maintenance part, the performance of glass directly affects the quality of glass curtain wall. After the formulation of the new energy saving standards, some glass curtain wall technology can not meet the new energy saving standards.
In the process of building glass curtain wall, it is very important to be a sealing material connecting glass. The length of weathering time of sealing material will have a certain impact on the length of using time of glass curtain wall. When researchers investigated the glass curtain walls in some cities, they found that some sealing materials connecting the glass had a series of problems, such as cracking and tempering damage. The appearance of these phenomena has a certain impact on the indoor environment of buildings, but also causes a large amount of energy consumption.

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