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Process of coated glass

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Update time : 2023-01-29 18:00:00

Evaporative vacuum coating is the use of vacuum coating machine of hot evaporator to produce coated glass. Because the overall production is intermittent, the cleaned part of the glass often needs to wait for a period of time in the workshop before it can be coated in the coating room. At this time, the glass will be subject to secondary pollution, resulting in the polluted part of the film coating easy to fall off, the uniformity of the film layer is poor, easy to have rainbow color difference and high reflectivity, and glass plating only a layer of film, easy to change color in the air and can not produce large specifications of glass. Such coated glass is not easy to make curtain wall glass.

Vacuum magnetron cathode sputtering method: The use of magnetron cathode vacuum coating equipment will plate glass in the vacuum chamber with high vacuum, in the negative voltage between the two poles of the positive ions fly to the cathode under the action of orthogonal electromagnetic field. The sputtered secondary electrons move along the rotating wheel line under the action of electromagnetic field to participate in collision ionization and generate charge carriers. In this way, the cathode can be continuously bombarded to provide sufficient number of positive ions, and the plasma region formed can make continuous glow discharge. It can complete multilayer coating at once, with excellent film uniformity, excellent edge coverage and good adhesion. Therefore, the corresponding point magnetic potential is more stable, in order to produce a uniform and firm coating layer.
The process of powder thermal spraying is to spray metal chemical powder reagent uniformly directly on hot glass in the solitary glass dehydrating chamber of float glass production line. After the reagent is superheated and decomposed, a layer of metal oxide film is formed on the surface of glass. The film presents different transmission and reflection colors due to the different metal objects. This kind of coated glass is also called on line coated glass, its cost is very low. Because there is only one layer of film so through the series rate is high, the color is lighter and darker, generally common only in the colored glass coating green, blue, and because of the colored glass batch is different, the color of each batch also changes. Its advantage is that this kind of coated glass can be directly added to work hot bending and toughening.

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