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Product classification of laminated glass

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Update time : 2023-02-09 11:00:00

High penetration resistance laminated glass in the middle of the PVB film thickness of 0.76ram, slightly poor adhesion, the inner layer can be toughened glass. The elasticity of the glass is good, and the displacement between the film and the glass is large when the glass is damaged, but it is not easy to be cut off by the glass. Even if the person's head collides with the glass, it is difficult to appear the penetration phenomenon, which is widely used in the front and rear windshield Windows of automobiles. The thickness of PVB film in the middle of ordinary laminated glass is 0.38mm, and the bonding force between the film and the glass is strong. When the glass is broken, it is not easy to dislocation, but the film is easy to be cut off by the glass. It is no longer used in automobiles.

Thin laminated glass is made of thin glass with thickness of 1 ~ 2mm and elastic adhesive sheet. Compared with ordinary glass, thinned laminated glass has higher mechanical strength, flexural property and safety when breaking, small mass and visibility when broken.

Heat insulation laminated glass with heat reflection or heat absorption function, can reduce the amount of sunlight and heat, reduce the intensity of sunlight, prevent sunlight glare. Generally use body coloring heat-absorbing glass or heat-reflecting glass. The body colored endothermic glass contains the chemical composition that can absorb all the spectral region, especially the sunlight radiation in the infrared region. The endothermic glass that can absorb all the heat radiation has a visible light transmittance of more than 50%. Endothermic glass can uniformly reduce the passage of radiation throughout the optical region, thus reducing the glare effect of sunlight. Thermal reflection glass mainly relies on thermal reflection film to produce selective reflection of infrared ray.
The electric heating element of the electric heating laminated glass is divided into three types: transparent conductive film on the surface of the glass, linear electric heating wire arranged on the surface of the glass with silver silicate paste strips and bonded through hot processing, and metal wire electric heating element with very fine pressed between the laminated glass. Electrically heated laminated glass can quickly and evenly heat the whole glass. As the car glass and rear window, it can prevent dew, frost and icing on the glass surface, and can also replace the air heating system of the car seat.

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