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Proper installation of soundproof Windows

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Update time : 2023-02-21 14:00:00

Soundproof window is a kind of glass product that plays a certain role in shielding sound. It is usually laminated glass with double or multi-layer composite structure. The glass film in the middle of the laminated glass plays a key role in weakening sound transmission.

Sound-proof window installation method

1. If it is the original window and decorated, it is directly against the inside of the original window to install a layer of acoustic Windows that are identical in appearance, which is equivalent to installing two layers of Windows after the installation; Sound-proof window opening place is in the original window opening place, does not affect the future window ventilation. If the original window is outwards casement window, then the soundproof window is now installed in the casement window, if the original window is a vertebral window, it depends on the width and size of the pull window, according to the specific situation of the scene, determine the width of the soundproof window, because soundproof glass is half heavier than ordinary hollow glass, if the width of the window is too large, it is easy to deformation hanging Angle, resulting in seal failure, Therefore, soundproof window window width of 35-65 cm is appropriate, the general standard window width of 50, 55, 60 cm or so, according to the specific situation of the scene to determine.

2. If there is no original window, we should consider the color of the profile and the structure style of the sound insulation window to be consistent with the whole building, or affect the appearance of the whole property, the property company is not allowed. The sash of the soundproof window can be opened inward or outward according to the specific situation of the scene.
3. Can the original window be removed? Our answer is detachable, do not remove the original window, can have better sound insulation effect, measured if do not remove the original window, to be quieter about 2 decibels, so, generally not recommended to remove the original window. Although the removal of the original window and installation of soundproof Windows, the visual feeling is more transparent, but increase the removal fee, whether the property company approves, the installation risk increases, the loss of more quiet comfort, so the original window is best not removed.

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