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Properties of electrically heated glass

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Update time : 2023-03-02 18:00:00

Electric heated glass is also called defogging glass, electric heating glass and other high quality glass, this glass is a kind of electric temperature after special glass defogging and defrosting. Therefore, it is widely used in cabinets, display cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, environmental test boxes, constant temperature and humidity boxes, high and low temperature impact boxes, Windows of senior villas, aircraft, senior cars, doors and Windows of cold areas, etc.

Method of making electrically heated glass

Glass manufacturers of electric heating glass commonly used methods, two or more blocks of toughened glass and polyvinyl butyal or special film bonded together, intermediate laminated glass film embedded in extremely thin tungsten wire or copper wire and other metal heating wire, or in the glass coating transparent conductive film, after electricity glass heating. Glass itself has thermistor, temperature control system is connected, glass surface temperature can be automatically adjusted and controlled, security has a certain impact. Glass surface temperature up to 40℃, light transmittance is generally 80%.

Advantages of electrically heated glass

1. Defrosting function: the surface temperature of electric heating glass will rise after electrification, usually 35-40℃, so that the glass surface will not produce frost condensation phenomenon, voltage safety, harmless to human body.

2. Optical properties: electrically heated glass conductive wire or conductive film as heating medium, to ensure that the glass has good light transmission performance, prevent deformation performance, through the glass can see things.

3. Safety: Generally toughened glass is used, so that the hardness is higher, not easy to break. After being impacted by gravity, even if broken will not explode to other people, to avoid injuring people around.
4. Uv protection effect: Used for advanced cars, professional glass has a high UV absorption capacity, can effectively prevent the entry of UV, reduce UV damage to drivers and indoor facilities.

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