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Quartz glass blowing technology

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Update time : 2022-10-27 11:00:00

Due to the softening temperature of quartz glass processing (temperature) is high, ordinary glass instrument mold molding in hard quartz glass instrument, molding, most of the quartz glass instrument, the vessel (such as the field of chemistry and chemical industry with a variety of quartz flask, conical flask, reactor, condenser pipe), such as processing requires manual blowing technology to realize.

Usually the following processing process is used:

1. Cleaning. First the blank pipe according to the cleaning requirements of quartz glass wash, dry.

2. Blowing. For small products, hand-held blank tube (welding a section of extension tube when necessary), while rotating a small heat with H and O flame. The processing end of the blank pipe is fused, and then according to the shape of the product, it is necessary to expand the diameter at the same time of heating and rotation. The way of blowing is controlled ventilation by air pump or manual blowing. For large products, usually in the glass lathe or secondary molding machine, it is necessary to heat the workpiece rotation, ventilation and diameter expansion at the same time need to use graphite mold or supporting plate to help finalize the product.

3. Processing of the surface of the sub-processing. Usually the surface of products processed by flame will attach a layer of white smoke, which can be eliminated by fully burning H and O flame fire.

4. Annealing treatment after processing. For small products, with H-rich wide flame for a certain time to eliminate the stress in the workpiece, the structure of complex or large products must be placed in the annealing furnace according to the formulation of the annealing process system for strict annealing treatment.

Quartz glass is valued for its unique and high value properties. One of the reasons is its low coefficient of thermal expansion, high air permeability and wide range of light transmission. As modern information industry, optics, photovoltaic, semiconductor and other national strategic emerging industries and aerospace and other national defense areas of important basic materials.

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