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Reasons for the use of laminated glass in the front windscreen of automobiles

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Update time : 2022-11-01 14:00:00

The front windshield of an automobile is class A laminated glass, class B laminated glass and zone toughened glass, and the other glass is generally class A laminated glass, class B laminated glass and toughened glass.

The glass on the car is mainly used for Windows and lighting fixtures. The basic requirements for a car windshield are:

1. Transparency. High transmittance is required, and the fluoroscopic image does not produce deformation.

2. Mechanical strength. It requires a certain impact and bending strength, which will not be broken or deformed under the wind pressure when driving at high speed. The surface of the glass should also have a certain hardness, so as not to scratch the surface and hinder the view.

3. Security. The side window and rear window are generally required to use safety glass, which is only cracked and not broken after collision, or the pieces are not sharp, so as to minimize the injury to passengers or pedestrians. At the same time, a certain visibility should be maintained after the collision to avoid obstructing the driver's line of sight and causing a second accident.

For the sake of safety, instead of tempered glass, laminated glass is used. In case of emergency, in order to escape, if the door cannot be opened, you can break the front window with a sharp object and escape from here. Strike around the edges, not the center of the glass. The edges break easily.

In order to safety, the front glass is generally pasted with explosion-proof film, is usually hit by a stone on the glass even if broken because there is a film stuck, not glass flying everywhere. Car glass is stronger than the ordinary indoor glass, but also in order not to slightly knock against the broken, and at the same time to take into account the safety. General ordinary glass and Plexiglas are not suitable for car windshields, laminated glass is very suitable.

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