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Relation between fire resistant glass and support member

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Update time : 2022-11-17 11:00:00

Fish cannot live without water, and trees cannot grow without soil. For fire resistant glass with fire resistance, it is necessary to maintain a certain time of fire resistance in architectural applications, which is closely related to the support structure and sealing system.

Fire resistant glass is a kind of building material, but its itself can not be a separate fireproof partition member, it is only a part of the glass member, need to be assembled with supporting parts (window frame, partition support) to form building components: fireproof glass partition, fireproof glass curtain wall, fireproof window, etc., will show the due effect.

The test shows that even if the fire resistant glass is combined with the supporting parts, different installation structure will form different fire resistance limits, but also affect the fire resistance of the fireproof glass itself. The existence of the selection of qualified fireproof glass, due to the unreasonable selection of the installation structure leads to the unqualified fire detection or the loss of fire protection function, which has buried a deep safety hazard.

It is very important to cooperate with the design of fire resistant glass and structural system. Aluminum alloy profiles without special treatment can not meet the requirements of fire resistance. Under the burning of high temperature in fire, it will quickly melt and lose the support and fixed effect of the glass. Even if the fireproof glass is used, it can not become a "fireproof window".
Therefore, in the building planning, make clear the fire resistance level to achieve the building, choose the corresponding fire resistant glass, understand the cooperative use effect of fire glass, the performance of all kinds of profiles and installation need to use what kind of scientific structure, so as to achieve the required fire prevention effect with half the effort.

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