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Requirements for fire resistant glass in commercial spaces

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Update time : 2022-11-04 10:00:00

Commercial space is a large category, and different building parts of the commercial body have different fire resistance levels. Whether it is partition or door and window design, the fire resistance time is basically required to reach 60 minutes or above. Commercial space belongs to the profitability of the main body, so the beauty requirements of fire resistant glass is also higher: smooth appearance, no stains, no bubbles, high light transmission.

Commercial space is a large system, different parts need to use fire resistant glass products with different functions:

1. Parking lot and top of business floor. These two places need to use fire glass smoke wall as fire and smoke prevention facilities. Single piece, laminated and wire type fire resistant glass can be used in the smoke baffle wall. The single piece appearance is more beautiful than the other two kinds, but the laminated and wire type smoke baffle wall safety is better.

2. Parking lot and stairwell of each floor. Usually, the stairwell of the parking lot uses fire resistant glass doors or fireproof glass partitions, which need to meet the 1-hour fire resistance requirement of Class B. The doors or partitions are generally made of hollow fireproof glass or composite fireproof glass, and the single piece of cesium potassium fireproof glass is less. Steel or stainless steel fire doors are adopted for the main fire passage floors according to actual requirements. Whether to set fire observation Windows are purchased and customized according to actual requirements.

3. Wall window setting. Large commercial body floor is more, as a security exit stairwells corresponding increase, and usually have daylighting window, stair can open hole in order to enhance the fire prevention performance of construction as a whole, the daylighting window must use fire window, steel or aluminum alloy profile fire window can be made by, but try not to use composite fire fire window broken glass processing, After long-term use, the fire resistant glass will become yellow and froth, affecting the appearance and lighting effect.

The design of commercial buildings needs to be rigorous and scientific. After the design drawings have been reviewed and approved, they must be strictly implemented in accordance with the drawings during the construction process. The fire resistance time of fire resistant glass and its products cannot be changed without authorization.

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